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What the Macau Government wants concessionaires to do in the next 10 years

The creation of the main art museum, an annual plan for shows and conventions, venues for concerts, shows and open-air works of art, themed entertainment at an international level and themed sea walks. These were some of the requests that the Government made to competitors in the international gambling contest, TDM-Rádio Macau learned.

The commission of the international gaming competition and the seven competitors exploring Macau’s main industry concluded the negotiation process yesterday.
Representatives of the future concessionaires met, for the last time, with the members of the gambling committee, who opened the final proposal presented on Monday by the competitors. Now they are waiting for the provisional attribution of the concessions.

It was a busy weekend for all the competitors. The international gaming commission had set last Monday as the deadline for submitting the final proposal, after several weeks of negotiations. It was necessary to work overtime all weekend to present the final proposal the day before yesterday, TDM-Rádio Macau learned.

On Tuesday, the main representatives of the competitors participated in a last meeting, which served to formally open the proposals.
The investment plan for future concessionaires should be around MOP100 billion, as TDM-Rádio Macau had already reported. It is likely that it could even exceed this amount, since during the negotiations the gambling commission asked that the amount of investments increase.

Galaxy and Venetian reached an agreement with values ​​that should exceed 50 billion patacas, the other competitors can reach the same amount or even exceed that amount, TDM-Rádio Macau learned.

What did the Government ask the competitors for the next ten years? In the cultural part, a plan and timetable for the creation of the main art museum, venues for music and respective programs.

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