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Events in Macau promote Portuguese-speaking countries in the Chinese market

The Macau International Fair and the Products and Services Exhibition of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (2022PLPEX) will promote companies from Portuguese-speaking countries, the organizers announced today at a press conference.

In parallel with the Macau Franchise Expo 2022 (2022MFE), the three events will see the ‘online’ participation of 1,200 companies, out of a total of 2,200, as Macau continues to adopt a zero-case policy to combat the covid-19 pandemic, which includes the imposition of quarantines on entry to the territory.

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“In order to play the advantages of Macau as a Sino-Lusophone platform, the 2022PLPEX will exhibit more than 200 products from Portuguese-speaking countries, (…) where zones will also be set up” with the aim of “promoting the wines and the diverse cultures of the Lusophone countries,” the organization indicated.

The new edition, with a total area of almost 30,000 square meters and 1,800 ‘stands’, of which 389 are reserved for Macau’s small and medium-sized enterprises, will also have an “exclusive session of business contacts for Portuguese-speaking countries, which will deepen economic and trade cooperation between the two parties,” it added.

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Besides Macau, participating companies come from mainland China, Hong Kong, Angola, Brazil, Portugal and Mozambique, in areas ranging from traditional Chinese medicine, scientific and technological innovation, cultural and creative industries, food products and catering, as well as retail trade.

Among other activities, over the three days of the events, more than 50 networking sessions, forums, conferences, and presentation and exchange sessions will be held.

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During the exhibition period, sessions are scheduled with the purpose of strengthening cooperation between cities in mainland China, Macau and Lusophone countries.

The first day of the events, which take place at Cotai Expo in the Venetian, will be open exclusively to professional visitors and the rest to the general public.

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