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Is love getting lost? Five warning signs

Is love disappearing and don’t you feel the same way about the person who left you with “butterflies in your belly”? From indifference to rancor, see what marks the beginning of the end

Falling in love causes one of the best sensations that happen in life, and the most natural, as several experts say. However, not liking the person or feeling that something is changing is also a very frequent reality.

Author Simone Collins added that even couples who are in a long-term relationship face times when they feel their love is gone. But will it really be so? Experts list five signs that it could be happening.

One of the first symptoms: holding a grudge against your partner and always leaving something unsaid, accumulating the situations that bothered you. “Resentment comes slowly, but then everything bothers you, from the unwashed dishes to the sound of the voice,” exemplified Nicole Arzt, a licensed family therapist.

Second, she begins to feel indifference towards her partner. If she has no interest in the life of the couple, or the partner, it is because she is losing love.

She avoids arranging dates and appointments with her partner because she can’t stand being with him. “It’s very important to recognize this, should it happen,” Artz said.

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