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Slovenian perfume atomiser inventor Florjancic dies at 102


Peter Florjancic, a Slovenian who invented the  perfume atomiser, has died aged 102, authorities of his hometown Bled said Saturday

Born to a hotel owning family in the lake resort city, Florjancic first started as a Yugoslav Olympic ski jumper but fled during World War II to avoid being mobilised into the German army.

After spending some time in Switzerland, where he registered one of his first succesful inventions — a loom designed for use by disabled people — he started a career as an inventor, innovator and even actor playing side roles.

Despite having registered over 400 patents, only 41 ended being produced including the perfume atomiser, the plastic slide frame and plastic injection moulding machines.

“My best and most complicated invention ever was the perfume atomiser. Perfume is a devil’s product, very hard to vaporise the way the industry requires and it has many substances that corrode many materials,” Florjancic said. 

After spending most of his time living the high life  in various European countries such as Monaco, Switzerland and Italy, Florjancic returned to Slovenia in 1998 where he published two books and promoted invention and innovation.

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