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Instagram changes nudity policy


The social network Instagram has announced it will update its nudity policy, in particular regarding breast photos, in response to a campaign launched by a plus size model, who complained of discrimination

The platform is regularly accused of excessive modesty and, above all, from lack of objectivity when talking about its rules on nudity.

Instagram rules prohibit “close-up of fully exposed buttocks” and “bare female nipples”, but in several cases photographs of naked women showing their shapes and bumps or covering their breasts were removed.

These rules had been denounced in a campaign led by British supermodel Nyome Nicholas-Williams, among others, which promotes inclusive fashion.

With this new update, content where a person appears hugging or simply holding their breasts will be allowed.

“Hopefully, this policy change will end the censorship of black and fat bodies,” said the model, on her Instagram account.

The social networks’ spokeswoman stressed that “having the feedback from community members ‘+ positive body +’ ” helped Instagram “to understand the constraints of this policy” and how it could be improved.

The initiative was also praised by DJ Leslie Barbara Butch, whose front page photo in the French magazine Télérama about discrimination of overweight people, had been censored by the social network.

“This rule has finally fallen” and “will actually be in effect from Wednesday”, wrote the DJ in a French-language publication on Instagram, challenging her followers to check whether the social network is working in accordance with the announced measures.

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