Início » Lula da Silva turns 75 away from politics and surrounded by lawsuits

Lula da Silva turns 75 away from politics and surrounded by lawsuits


Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday, same time as he stepped back from politics and awaits a trial from an appeal related with one of his convictions for corruption, which has just been postponed

The Brazilian Justice could have stopped Lula’s birthday celebrations if had kept the trial, scheduled for yesterday at the Superior Court of Justice, which will analyze an appeal presented by the politician’s defense regarding to his first conviction.

In this process, the former head of state was convicted in High court to eight years and 10 months in prison, a judicial sentence of which he has already served a sixth part, for favoring the construction company OAS in contracts with the state oil company Petrobras, and for which he would have received as bribe an apartment on the coast of São Paulo.

Without this trial in sight, the former union leader born in Garanhuns, in 1945, celebrated his birthday in a private act and without major celebrations, although several virtual tributes were paid to him, such as from the Lula Institute and Labour Party PT, political party that he founded in 1980 and still leads.

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