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General Electric abandons coal-fired power plant construction

The American industrial conglomerate General Electric announced on Monday that it will leave the participation in the construction of coal-fired power plants, to focus on the production of other types of energy, less polluting and more profitable.

The decision could involve transforming or closing units, affecting jobs, the group warned, noting that it will continue to offer its services to existing coal-fired power plants.

The company wants to focus on gas turbines for thermal power plants or steam turbines for nuclear power plants, as well as renewable energy. “As GE continues to transform, we are focusing on power generation businesses that offer an attractive business model and growth prospects,” said Russell Stokes, director of the energy giant at the industrial giant.

Despite President Donald Trump’s support for coal, this form of energy is less and less competitive compared to alternatives such as gas and wind power. Coal consumption in the United States is at its lowest level in 40 years, according to the American Energy Information Agency, and mine closure is growing.

GE’s initiative was well received by the American Environmental Protection Association (NRDC). “Communities and activists have been asking GE for years to abandon coal,” tweeted the organization. “This is an important and long-awaited step in the direction of protecting the environment and the health of the people.”

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