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Angolan Finance Minister on the list of Africa’s most influential women

Angolan Finance Minister Vera Daves is on the list of the 100 most influential African women. From the ranking, prepared by Avance Media, only another Palop woman is distinguished, the Mozambican Graça Machel.

The list, drawn up by Avance Media, features a representation of the most powerful African women from 34 countries. Women elected have a variety of professional backgrounds, including diplomacy, politics, activism, entrepreneurship, business leadership and entertainment. Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana register the largest number of women with 20, 11 and nine representatives, respectively.

The 2020 list features a record number of new entrants with some of the top names such as Halima Dangote, Ugandan activist Stella Nyanzi, Olympic Committee member Lydia Nsekera and Africa’s only two finance ministers: Vera Daves (Angola) and Zainab Shamsuna Ahmed (Nigeria).

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