Início » Mask found inside a McDonald’s chicken nugget

Mask found inside a McDonald’s chicken nugget

The unusual discovery took place at an American food chain store in Aldershot, UK

A six-year-old girl almost choked on a McDonald’s chicken nugget that contained a blue surgical mask inside, her mother told the BBC.

Maddie was having a Happy Meal with her mother, Laura Arber, when it all happened. “It was a mask and was completely cooked with the nugget. It was disgusting. ”

Laura Arber also told the British public television network that “she had to put her finger in the girl’s mouth so that the mask would come out”.

McDonald’s has already stated that food security is “of utmost importance”. The company reiterated that it follows “strict standards” and admitted that it is already investigating what happened.

One thing is right. Both mother and daughter will stop consuming at McDonald’s, said Laura Arber.

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