Início » Satellite TV project financed by China benefits 1,000 villages in Mozambique

Satellite TV project financed by China benefits 1,000 villages in Mozambique

The Mozambican government recently announced the completion of a project to take digital satellite television signals to 1,000 villages in the country, which is expected to benefit more than 20,000 families.

The Minister of Transport and Communications, Janfar Abdulai, made the announcement after reviewing the project in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

“This project is included in the 100 days of government and is now fully concluded, here today we are reviewing how the beneficiaries feel about the project and we can testify that they are happy, they have direct access to information and we share their satisfaction”, said the minister .

According to him, the project generated around 2,000 jobs in total and trained the workforce, especially the young people responsible for maintaining and assisting the beneficiaries.

The project, which covers all ten provinces and the capital of Mozambique, was co-financed by China and implemented by the Chinese electronics and media company StarTimes.

The project is part of the resolutions of the Johannesburg Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum in 2015, in which the Chinese government pledged to provide access to satellite television to 10,000 villages in Africa.

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