Início » João Lourenço wants Angola in a state of emergency until May 24

João Lourenço wants Angola in a state of emergency until May 24

The Council of the Republic recommended, on Thursday, the extension of the State of Emergency, in order to contain the spread of Covid-19, a pandemic that has infected 36 people in Angola since last March.

Angola has seen this exceptional phase since 27 March. In this period, the country has already registered two extensions, the last of which will run until 23:59 on 10 May.

According to the spokeswoman for the meeting, Rosa Cruz e Silva, she explained that the reasons for the declaration of the State of Emergency persist, compounded by the emergence of cases of local transmission.

The consultation body of the President of the Republic considered it essential to improve the distribution of water to the population that does not have regular access to the liquid.
The meeting decided that the markets should operate from Tuesday to Saturday and that tests against the covid-19 be increased to the population.

Under the guidance of the President, the Council recognized that a large part of the population has difficulty in facing the restrictive measures of the State of Emergency, due to the lack of means of subsistence.


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