Início » Completion of Article 23 legislation brings brighter future: various sectors in Hong Kong

Completion of Article 23 legislation brings brighter future: various sectors in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's communities have welcomed, advocated and vowed to uphold the legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), eyeing brighter prospects for the region's development.

The Legislative Council (LegCo) of the HKSAR on Tuesday unanimously passed the safeguarding national security bill, which has become the ordinance. It is a milestone for the HKSAR in fulfilling its constitutional duty as stipulated under Article 23 of the HKSAR Basic Law.

“Almost 27 years after Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, the legislation finally comes! I’m thrilled to witness the historical moment,” said Chan Dai Yan, a retired financial professional in Hong Kong.

“Households in Hong Kong will feel safe and the region will see stability only when national security is safeguarded,” he said.

The legislation represents Hong Kong’s efforts to fulfill its constitutional duty to protect national security, and it will advance the practice of “one country, two systems,” said people from various communities in Hong Kong.

The ordinance, together with the national security law in Hong Kong and other laws, constitutes a sound legal system for safeguarding national security, which can help ensure the well-being of Hong Kong residents and the interests of investors in Hong Kong, said a joint statement issued by HKSAR deputies to the National People’s Congress.

A joint statement from HKSAR members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference said the ordinance reflects the people’s aspirations and will bolster security, prosperity and long-term stability in Hong Kong.

The legislation is also the result of coordinated efforts across the board, with respect to the opinions of Hong Kong residents, organizations and chambers of commerce. The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions called the legislative process “orderly, efficient and rigorous.”

The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong said that the ordinance underscores the balance between safeguarding national security and protecting individual rights and freedoms, and is conducive to the full and faithful implementation of “one country, two systems.”

“With Hong Kong’s security ensured, we can focus on economic development and make new progress,” said Jane Lee, president of Our Hong Kong Foundation, who believed that the ordinance will help support the businesses of local and overseas enterprises in Hong Kong, a global financial center.

“Hong Kong is entering a new chapter as it has maintained security and the rule of law in a rational and peaceful way,” Angelo Giuliano, a Swiss financial consultant based in Hong Kong, said.

Giuliano believed that the ordinance will help Hong Kong to further eliminate interference from external forces.

Safeguarding national security means protecting the fundamental interests of Hong Kong people and the future development of Hong Kong. Many people and organizations praised the ordinance for effectively safeguarding national security and creating a better environment for development.

Ian Grenville Cross, a senior counsel in Hong Kong, who is a British, believed that Hong Kong will no longer be a weak link in China’s national security, and will have a stable and bright future.

Hong Kong people can focus on enhancing Hong Kong’s status as an international financial, shipping and trade center, and actively integrate into the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Cross said.

The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce said that the ordinance effectively plugs the loopholes in the national security system, helps to consolidate and enhance Hong Kong’s business environment, and promotes Hong Kong to continue to be the first choice for investors at home and abroad to explore the mainland and Asia-Pacific markets.

All walks of life in Hong Kong share the same expectation and confidence that the ordinance will enable Hong Kong to strive for better development under a high level of security protection.

Six disciplined services departments of the HKSAR have issued statements, saying that they will stick to their posts, fully cooperate with the implementation of the ordinance, actively eliminate national security risks, and safeguard Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability.

The Hong Kong Bar Association recognized the importance of the HKSAR government’s constitutional responsibilities and is confident that the legal profession in Hong Kong will continue to serve Hong Kong faithfully.

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