Início » Since 1991, not so many people have died in Macau

Since 1991, not so many people have died in Macau

Not only did the mortality rate rise to historic levels, but birth registration also dropped to values only seen in 1985. The most frequent causes of death were malignant tumours, hypertensive diseases and pneumonia

The death rate in 2022 was the highest since 1991 and the birth rate the lowest since 1985, according to statistics released on Friday by the Government.

Last year, there were 3,004 deaths, an increase of 684 compared to 2021. The mortality rate went from 3.4 per thousand inhabitants, in 2021, to 4.4, in 2022, “being the highest since 1991” , said, in a statement, the Directorate of Statistics and Censuses (DSEC), noting that “the highest number of deaths was due to ‘malignant tumors’ (970)”, followed by “hypertensive diseases” (332) and of “pneumonia (281)”.

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