Início » 5G network covers most villages in north China’s Shanxi

5G network covers most villages in north China’s Shanxi


Shanxi, a major coal-producing province in north China, has achieved 5G network coverage in most of its villages amid a development plan to boost rural digital infrastructure.

The province has built 67,000 5G base stations and the internet network covers 12,317 administrative villages, with the average download speed exceeding 300 Mbps, according to the provincial communications administration.

5G technology has also empowered rural farmers. Hu Tianni, 51, from Ruicheng County in Yuncheng City, can remotely control irrigation and fertilization in her 1,000 mu (about 66.7 hectares) of wheat fields at the Yuanpeng Smart Farm using a mobile phone or a computer.

At present, there are 12.5 million 5G users in Shanxi, with the rural 5G network covering all 1,272 townships in the province.

By 2025, China aims to achieve 5G network coverage in all cities and towns, as well as most villages, according to a development plan on digital infrastructure issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last year.

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