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Hungarian MEP admits to being caught in brussels

József Szájer, who resigned as an MEP last Sunday, admitted to being involved in the Brussels sex party scandal that took place last Friday night and apologised for “irresponsibility.”

“I was present at that party in Brussels. But I did not do drugs and offered to test before the police on the spot, but they did not,” Szájer, also a close ally of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, wrote in the press release.

Szájer was still caught in possession of ecstasy. According to Brussels police, about 20 men were found at the party, who were fined 250 euros each. In addition to the MEP, two guests invoked diplomatic immunity.

At the party, described as an by brussels police, was the MEP and founder of the conservative Fidesz party, József Szájer, who was caught by the Belgian authorities trying to flee the scene.

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