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João Lourenço: “Demonstrations don’t have to end in violence”

The Angolan President reminded today in a meeting with young people that the right to demonstrate is temporarily limited due to the covid-19 pandemic and addressed for the first time the latest protests that ended with several detainees

João Lourenço, who was speaking at the opening of a meeting with representatives of Angolan youth, said that “in recent days, young people have made use of various ways to bring their concerns to power”, including the demonstrations, where they convey the your messages and concerns through posters. “This is universal and in Angola it is like that, it is a right protected by the Constitution and no power can take that right away from citizens”, he stressed.

The President stressed that “in the same way they cannot make gatherings on the public road”, indicating that the executive does not prohibit the holding of demonstrations, but gatherings. João Lourenço added: “If a demonstration is tantamount to gathering, this should not take place under the risk of contributing to the spread of the covid”, he said, stressing that he wants to avoid the collapse of the health units due to the disease.

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