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Personalities of Angola, Mozambique and China among the 25 most important in the african oil industry

The President of Angola, the mozambican Minister of Energy and the chairwoman of the chinese banck of Export and Import (EXIM) are among the 25 most prominent figures in the area of ​​oil and gas in Africa, according to an index prepared by the Chamber of African Energy (AEC)

The AEC has launched a second annual list of the top 25 movers and shakers, which are expected to promote the oil and gas sector in 2021. The list is led by the president of French oil company Total in Africa, Nicolas Terraz.

Nicolas Terraz, president of Total in Africa

Total’s president is expected to deliver many of the first historic projects to the continent, including the construction of a 1,443 km pipeline to Tanzania and ensure that the largest liquefied natural gas project underway on the continent is integrated on time and budget in Mozambique. Meanwhile, Total is expected to deliver three high-impact wells in South Africa, Namibia and Angola. AEC asks the question: “Will he be able to face current headwinds and deliver on expectations in each of these frontier markets?”

João Lourenço, President of Angola

João Lourenço, the President of Angola, enters the list drawn up by the AEC for the first time. In the note accompanying the disclosure, the Chamber refers that João Lourenço made the country’s oil industry “one of the most competitive on the continent”, currently “the second largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa”. With a series of “ambitious reforms since 2018”, the organization argues that Angola is on the “road to recovery in 2021”. The new legislation in the sector attracted several investors and revived the hydrocarbon sector in the country. With the Covid-19 pandemic deepening the Angolan financial crisis, AEC raises awareness in the importance of “further supporting the sector’s recovery and increasing the development of local content”.

Ernesto Tondela, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Mozambique

Regarding the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Mozambique, Ernesto Tondela, the AEC says that the governor has “strategic decisions to make” regarding the largest natural gas project in sub-Saharan Africa, ongoing in northern Mozambique. “Between preparing the domestic market for a gas revolution and ensuring local content development and jobs creation don’t get lost in the process, he oversees Mozambique’s energy sector at a crucial time in the country’s history” reads in the report, which concludes that “His leadership and guidance will be central to turning Mozambique’s resources into economic growth”.

Hu XiaoLian, chairwoman of the EXIM Bank of China

Hu XiaoLian, chairwoman of the EXIM Bank of China, is responsible for one of the most significant investors in energy infrastructure projects in Africa, especially when it comes to financing energy production facilities. Several major African energy projects are already in negotiations with the bank on energy sources. The AEC stresses that the approval of these projects “significantly contribute to increasing power generation capacities across the continent and further support industrialisation.”.

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