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Henriques Dhlakama wants more transparency and leaves advice to RENAMO

The 2024 presidential candidate in Mozambique released a 4-point statement in which he analyzes the country’s situation and leaves his views. Among proposals in case of being elected, Henriques Dhlakama addressed RENAMO and the international community, and he asked for more responsibility and transparency.

Dhlakama posted his statement on social media on Friday night, explaining that he wanted, “to allow the maximum number of Mozambicans to have access over the weekend to the present statement”.

According to Dhlakama, it is necessary to have a “catharsis” to achieve the ambitious collective Reconciliation and National Pacification. He points out what has failed so far, and he seems to believe that the situation will drag on until he is elected president, and he states that it should be solved in 2 years, with its Process of National Reconciliation.

The DDR – Process of Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration – deserves criticism and, more than that, should be suspended and. In its place, Dhlakama suggests an American model, closer to the populations and security forces.

About Cabo Delgado, he suggests more power for the population, training for local authorities, and more means for the region. In addition, he points out the need for enhanced security in the region and geographical reorganization of the security forces.

Dhlakama demands transparency. It has been a problem identified by international observers in electoral funding, but the ruling party and opposition parties need to set an example. “It is suggested to the opposition parties, in particular for the major criticisms to make the electoral process, that they consider the example and (unilaterally, regardless of the cne’s failure to do so) swiftly publish reports of the sums received in these scope as soon as possible”, he challenged.

His criticism of the opposition, RENAMO included, goes on. It lacks planning, he says. According to Dhlakama, the parties are not proactive and are only preparing to win elections as a the campaign is about to start. And, he recalls, “The opposition has already had 45 years to acquire wisdom, regarding the electoral periods in Mozambique. Lessons learned, they should already be in the DNA of the opposition’s response.”

When it comes to RENAMO, he believes that the party needs to redefine itself democratically, and to make decisions that bring political legitimacy that translates into an electoral victory. With timely planning, reinforced the candidate once again.

Dhlakama ends with a call for more transparency and more freedom. And it appeals to the international community, election observers and civil society. “Mozambique is at an important turning point. Either change course and explore its potential or sink into increasingly less clear practices and despair like their populations and difficulties that have turned

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