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In 20 peoples analyzed, Brazilians are the ones who least trust scientists

Among 20 countries analyzed by the study of an American center, Brazil has the least confidence in those who produce science

Brazil is the country with the highest proportion of people who do not trust scientists. A study published on Tuesday (29) shows that 36% of Brazilians say they have little or no confidence in scientific researchers. After Brazilians, the countries with the least confidence are Malaysia (33% trust little or nothing) and Taiwan (31%).

Among those with the most people who say they trust a lot is India (59%), followed by Australia and Spain (both with 48%). Brazilians are also the ones who worst assess national scientific advances compared to other countries.

Only 8% say they believe that scientific production in Brazil is better than that of the rest of the world. For 42% it is in the world average and below for 41%. In the United States and United Kingdom, 61% of the population believes they have the best scientific production in the world or above the global average.

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