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Brazil joins alliance to accelerate vaccine against covid-19

Government released R $ 2.5 billion to enable the group to join.

The federal government announced on Thursday (24) the adhesion to the Covid-19 Global Access Instrument for Vaccines (Covax Facility), an action managed by the Gavi Alliance and the release of approximately R $ 2.5 billion to enable the entrance of the Brazil in this initiative. The adhesion was published in an extra edition of the Federal Official Gazette.

According to the government, countries are invited to participate in the group and can benefit from having guaranteed access to the supply of vaccines made available through the Covax Facility. Thus, it is expected that Brazil can buy immunizers to guarantee the protection of 10% of the population by the end of 2021, which allows it to serve populations considered to be priorities.

Membership will allow access to the portfolio of nine vaccines under development, in addition to others under analysis. With the diversification of possible suppliers, the chances of access of the Brazilian population to the vaccine increase in the shortest possible time. It will be up to Covax Facility to negotiate with manufacturers access to vaccine doses in specified volumes, delivery schedules and prices.

The Covax Facility is an international alliance of the World Health Organization (WHO), Gavi Alliance and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedeness Innovations (CEPI), whose main objective is to accelerate the development and manufacture of vaccines against covid-19 from global allocation of resources so that all countries adhering to the initiative have equal access to immunization.

According to Palácio do Planalto, the initiative does not prevent the country from entering into bilateral agreements with other biopharmaceutical companies producing vaccines against covid-19 that are not covered by the global initiative. Nor are initiatives already undertaken by Brazil with biopharmaceuticals that are part of the global initiative.

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