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European Parliament calls for response to the humanitarian crisis in Cabo Delgado

Cabo Delgado

The European Parliament (EP) warned yesterday of the deteriorating situation in Cabo Delgado, calling for a more coordinated regional and international effort to respond to the humanitarian crisis.

In a resolution passed yesterday afternoon with 616 votes in favor, 13 against and 57 abstentions, the EP expresses its deep concern at the humanitarian emergency situation in Mozambique, which “has been deteriorating at an alarming rate”.

“Despite the brutality and the terrible loss of life, a situation in Cabo Delgado has failed to attract international attention, which means that precious time has been lost to resolve the problem sooner”, says the European assembly, calling for a regional and coordinated international effort to respond to the humanitarian and security crisis in Cabo Delgado.

The EP called on the EU and the Member States to work closely with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to resolve the worsening humanitarian crisis in the region and develop an “effective action plan”. “The EU is ready to start a dialogue with Mozambique to find effective options for the implementation of EU assistance, taking into account the complex and regional character of the situation”, says the assembly, asking the Mozambican government to be “more receptive” this dialogue and cooperation with the EU and SADC.

The EP argues that new diplomatic initiatives should be initiated, in particular from Member States that share historical and friendly relations with the country ”, in order to underline the need for urgent action on this issue and to draw the attention of the government for the geopolitical consequences that will result from the lack of a coordinated response at regional and international level.

Protection of Cabo Delgado citizens

The members of the european parliaments (MEP) expressed their complete solidarity with all those who were victims of violence and with those who had to leave their homes, urging the Mozambican authorities to take “effective and decisive measures” to combat the Islamist insurrection and protect Cabo Delgado citizens, who are often taken hostage in the fighting between armed groups and the state’s military forces.

The EP stressed that it is also necessary to take measures to eliminate some of the underlying causes of terrorism, such as insecurity, poverty, human rights violations, inequality, exclusion, unemployment, environmental degradation, corruption, misuse of public funds and impunity.

Impartial investigation

The European assembly reminded the Mozambican government of its responsibility to bring to justice, in fair trials, all suspects of terrorist activities. He also asked him to launch an independent and impartial investigation into the acts of torture and other serious violations allegedly committed by his security forces in Cabo Delgado and to allow human rights observers into the country.

“The barbaric actions attributed to al-Shabaab must not be faced with new violations of human rights by the security forces of Mozambique,” says the EP.

Suspected cases of media vandalism, suppression of freedom of expression and accusations related to the harassment and intimidation of journalists must also be the subject of an impartial investigation, MEPs insist.

The EP also stressed the need to “ensure that any military intervention in the region protects, respects and promotes human rights” and encourages Mozambican authorities to work with regional and international and civil society organizations to create platforms for initiatives to consolidate peace.

The assembly recalled that “the population of Mozambique, both Christian and Muslim, has long lived in peaceful coexistence” and expressed total “conviction that this model of tolerance and solidarity will prevail despite attacks by Islamist terrorists”.

Since October 2017, the so-called terrorist group al-Shabaab, allegedly affiliated with the armed group calling itself the Islamic State of Central Africa Province, launched more than 500 violent attacks in the province of Cabo Delgado, in northern Mozambique, terrorizing the local population. , causing more than 1,500 deaths, leading to the displacement of more than 250 thousand people and making more than 700 thousand needing assistance.

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