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Portuguese study reveals Covid-19 symptoms in children and adolescents

Most of the minors who passed through the largest hospital in Lisbon were treated at home, there was only one serious case and none of them suffered from the disease.

The symptoms of children and adolescents with Covid-19 are very similar to those found in adults. The difference is the severity that is almost always much lower. This is one of the conclusions of a study to be published this week in the scientific journal of the Portuguese Medical Association (Ata Médica Portuguesa) that studied all minors with the new coronavirus treated until June 18 by the Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Lisboa Norte (which includes Santa Maria and Pulido Valente hospitals).

Few hospitalizations

Of the 103 children and adolescents monitored, the overwhelming majority, 80%, had symptoms (20% did not) and only ten reached the point of needing hospitalization.

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