Início » Eva Air will make five flights to Europe

Eva Air will make five flights to Europe

Eva Air flights are going to London and Paris, with a stop in Taipei. The calls are not exclusive for students and whoever is going to Portugal will have to find other flights in Europe.

Eva Air will organize five flights over the next two months to Europe, London and Paris, with a stopover in Taipei. The information was provided by the representative of the Tourism Services, Lau Fong Chi, during the Government’s press conference on the covid-19 pandemic.

The dates for flights to London, scheduled for 26 August, 9 and 23 September, aim to offer an alternative to university students who need to travel to Europe. “It is a service provided by the Eva Air company. We know that many students have to go to Europe, so we have the help of the tourism sector and the airline,” said Lau. “This service is designed for students in Macau, but other people can also use it. To do this, they have to contact the company, ”he added.

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