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Bill forces subsidised entities to disclose accounts

Legislator Sulu Sou submitted to the Legislative Assembly (AL), a bill to oblige associations that receive subsidies, above a certain amount, to disclose the accounts so that there is scrutiny by the public regarding the application of funds.

The outline of the legislative initiative, submitted a week ago, was presented today, at a press conference, at the headquarters of Novo Macau.

The diploma proposes, in fact, the effective application of the general regime of the right of association, in force since 1999. In particular, there is Article 19, which defines that associations that benefit from subsidies or any other contributions of a nature of public entities, in an amount higher than the amount to be fixed by the Chief Executive, they must publish their accounts annually in one of the Macau newspapers.

However, in two decades, this has never happened, since this ceiling was never fixed by any Chief Executive. For this reason, the draft law clearly stipulates that the Chief Executive must define this maximum amount “within 30 days after the diploma comes into force”, if approved, precisely to avoid “continuing to evade that. legal responsibility”.

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