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How much longer?

Fernanda Mira*

We continue to live in these days – strength of expression, this reference to the days that pass,
because it’s already weeks and months – a different time, since the world, just like the
we knew, if confined.
The speed at which time runs in our time, which is too fast, has passed a lot
time. It therefore becomes legitimate to try to say something that brings hope to
days that will follow the Great Confinement.
The term “Great Confinement” was used by the International Monetary Fund to
designate this which is the biggest financial and economic crisis on record in over a hundred
What about the social, humanitarian and political crisis?
We know that the big economic indicators have lives inside, in what is good and in what
it is bad, and they are indifferent to political regimes. But we all seem to be subjugated to the primacy
indicators that deceive us about the aggregate wealth of the great economic powers
(United States of America, China, Japan, Germany, India, Great Britain, France…).
For those who believed that this was a new time, in which new social and
economic opportunities would bring more and equal opportunities for all peoples, countries and regions,
too much time has passed.
Who glimpsed this disruption – which confined us to our homes and neighborhoods,
privilege of only a few – a world order that would make it easier to materialize the purpose
creation of the United Nations, it faces several selfishnesses, regionalisms and
nationalisms, an example of which is the discredit that is being attempted against the Organization
World Health Organization.
It seems legitimate to ask: if countries and territories in whose common
ports speak Portuguese, there would be no comparative advantage for, in
that of covid-19, to preserve the economy and the lives of the people who live there?
When more time will be needed for the primacy of the Portuguese language to translate into the proclamations
cultural, commercial and economic results?

*Editor at Plataforma

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