Início » Lula Is Approved by 38% and Disapproved by 30% in A Stable Scenario

Lula Is Approved by 38% and Disapproved by 30% in A Stable Scenario

For 57%, Lula did less than expected

In the final stretch of his first year in office, President Lula (PT) maintained his approval rating steady. The leftist concludes 2023 with the approval of 38% of Brazilians, while 30% consider his work regular, and the same number, bad or terrible.

The data comes from the fourth Datafolha survey on the president’s popularity, which interviewed 2,004 voters in 135 cities across Brazil on Tuesday (5). The average margin of error is two points plus or minus.

The numbers remained practically the same throughout the four measurements during the term. The only significant variation occurred between June and September when disapproval rose from 27% to 31%.

The approval profile is quite homogeneous: it is better rated among Northeasterners (48%) and among those with less education (50%).

In the same vein, his disapproval rises to 39% among the 22% with a college degree and the 15% who live in the South. The highest rate is seen among the top 4%: 47% of people earning more than 10 monthly minimum wages see Lula as bad or terrible.

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