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5G. Brussels mulls mandatory ban on Huawei

The European Union (EU) is considering banning telecoms in the 27 Member States from using companies considered to be a risk to the security of 5G networks, reports the Financial Times this Wednesday. Citing sources familiar with the process, the Anglo-Saxon newspaper indicates that the measure aims to exclude Huawei from 5G.

The measure is being considered because only a third of EU countries have taken measures to limit or completely exclude the use of Huawei equipment in telecommunications networks, despite the recommendations defined in 2020 in the community space – these recommendations, namely the Toolbox for 5G, they are not even a ban.

For Brussels, the will is to accelerate more decisive measures, considering that some governments are “draggling” the discussion on the security of electronic communications networks. Thierry Breton, European commissioner for the Internal Market, met on Friday (June 2) with the European ministers responsible for telecommunications and complained that “very little has been done” in terms of network security, which ” jeopardizes the security of the EU”.

Even so, the cited sources consider it “unlikely” that a concrete ban will emerge before 2024. Next week, the European Commission is expected to present a report on the implementation of recommendations for 5G security.

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