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Ronaldo compensated after alleged rape case

Leslie Mark Stovall, lawyer for Kathryn Mayorga, was ordered to pay around 300,000 euros to the Portuguese player, following the case in which the star was accused of sexual assault in a Las Vegas hotel, in 2009.

The amount, according to information this Thursday, corresponds to the fees that the striker, currently at Al Nassr, paid to defend himself against an accusation that ended up being filed.

It is recalled that a federal judge in the state of Nevada has given the right to Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers and asked for the filing of Kathryn Mayorga’s complaint. In a recommendation to the judge handling the case, Magistrate Daniel Albregts blamed Kathryn Mayorga’s lawyer, Leslie Mark Stovall, for improperly basing the civil damages lawsuit on stolen confidential documents showing communications between Ronaldo and his lawyers.

“Dismissing Mayorga’s case for his attorney’s misconduct is a difficult consequence,” said the magistrate in his 23-page report to Judge Jennifer Dorsey.

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