Início » Russia steps up attacks on Kherson and eastern Ukraine

Russia steps up attacks on Kherson and eastern Ukraine

Russian forces stepped up mortar and artillery attacks on the recently liberated southern Ukraine city of Kherson on Wednesday, the Ukrainian military said, as they exerted constant pressure along frontlines in eastern Ukraine. .

Russia fired 33 missiles from multiple launchers at civilian targets in Kherson in the 24 hours to early Wednesday, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said in its morning report. Russia denies targeting civilians.

Intense fighting also persisted around the now largely ruined Ukrainian-controlled city of Bakhmut in eastern Donetsk province, and to the north around the towns of Svatove and Kreminna in Luhansk province, where Ukrainian forces are trying to break through the Russian defense line.

Air raid sirens also sounded across Ukraine on Wednesday morning, officials said. According to reports on Ukrainian social media, the national alert may have been declared after Russian jets parked in neighboring Belarus took off. Reuters was unable to immediately verify that information.

The UK Ministry of Defense reported in its latest update on the military situation in Ukraine that Russia is likely to reinforce the Kreminna section of the frontline, as it is logistically important to Moscow and has become relatively vulnerable following recent Ukrainian advances further afield. west.

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