Início » Zero covid: Macau Tourism in coordination with national policy

Zero covid: Macau Tourism in coordination with national policy

Andy Wu, president of the Macau Tourism Industry Association, said, according to the Ou Mun newspaper, that the Macau tourism sector will coordinate with the maintenance of the national policy of zero covid cases.

The official believes that there is still room for evolution for the sector in view of the strategies adopted by the country’s authorities and, more specifically, in Mainland China, since tourists from the PRC are in large numbers. Andy Wu says he hopes for the return of online visa issuance by Mainland China, as well as the promotion of various tourist events by the Macau authorities, considering the attraction of a certain number of visitors to the territory essential.

The association leader also warns of the need to study measures for visitors to stay overnight in Macau more often, since the number of tourists will not increase exponentially in the short term.

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