Terms and Conditions

Terms and privacy policy of the Plataform Premium Subscription
The present terms and conditions regulate the use of Digital Subscriptions of Global Media Group in www.plataformamedia.com.

The Plataforma Premium digital subscription is put at the disposal of subscribers and may be accessible through the following platforms:
- Browser - Purchase and access on the website www.plataformamedia.com
- App - Purchase on the website www.plataformamedia.com and access through the free downloadable app via App Store (iOS 7.x or better) or Play Store ( Android 4.x or better).
The user is responsible for the use and confidentiality of his or her password, and must contact the e-mail subscribe@plataformamedia.com in case of suspicion of improper use of his or her password.
The user is responsible for obtaining and maintaining a reliable internet connection, through an internet service provider, without Plataforma Media having any responsibility by the eventual preclusion of the user being able to access his or her Digital Subscription, or viewing the publications.

The Plataforma Premium Subscription plans and their respective prices and promotions are the ones that appear on the website plataformamedia.com and other sales channels authorized by Global Media Group.
The credit card information given by the User for payment will be automatically transmitted to Easypay and Braintree, entities responsible for the authentication of the data and its storage, and duly certified for the effect, without Plataforma Media having any access to the former.
The promotional campaigns with special adhesion prices are considered trial periods. As such, the User may only benefit from them a single time.
After the trial period, and to continue the acess to the Plataforma Premium Subscription, the user must procede to the predicted payments of the respective promotional campaign or opt by not renewing and purchasing another Plataforma Premium Digital Subscription, not being able to benefit another time from the promotional campaign.
A trial period is understood as any promotional campaign that may reduce the price of the first month(s) of the renewable subscriptions.
Other subscription plans may surge associated to promotional campaigns.

With the exception of those paid by Multibanco (ATM), all other subscription plans of the Digital Subscription are, by default, automatically renewed at the end of each subscription period.
However, the user may solicit that his or her signature is not automatically renewed, following each purchase, by contacting the Customer Support, through the email subscribe@plataformamedia.com
When the subscription is cancelled, the User is cancelling the automatic renewal cycle. The user may cancel at any time, but the effective cancellation will happen at the end of the latest subscription renewal period. The monthly subscription, when cancelled, will not prompt a refund, and the digital subscription effectively ends in the term"s end. In case of cancellation of a subscription with a duration equal or superior to 12 months, if the user cancels within the first 6 months, a refund will be given equal to the remaining time of the subscription (50%) and access will cease immediately. When cancelled after those six months, the cancellation of the subscription will only go in effect at the end of the period, without any right to a refund.
To solicit the refund, the subscriber must do it within the aforementioned terms and do so by contacting the Customer Support through the email subscribe@plataformamedia.com.
For Plataforma Premium Subscriptions associated to promotional campaigns, the aforementioned rules apply except when the service or product is integrally offered. In which case, the subscriptions may be cancelled but there will be no right to any refund respecting the value of the subscription, in any circumstance.

Plataforma Media reserves the right to interrupt or suspend the digital subscription service for the period it perceives as necessary, for technical, administrative, or other orders, but not being responsible for the interruption or suspension of the service that may happen for motives

The intellectual property rights of the available publication belong to Global Notícias - Media Group S.A., except when properly noted. The following rights include property over image, text and graphic design of the digital publications.
The contents may not be copied, altered or distributed, except with the express authorization of Global Notícias - Media Group S.A. and/or the owner of the copyrighted content protected by law.
The Subscription Plataforma Premium may contain content subject to copyright, trademarked brands and other copyrighted material. Without limiting the scope of the rights of intellectual property of Notícias Direct, the user recognizes that the former has the intellectual property rights over (i) the contents of the publication; (ii) the Subscription Plataforma Premium, and all of its content; (iii) the selection, coordination and planning of the concerned publications; and (iv) the registered brands used in relation with the service.
The publications made available through the service are destined for private use only, and may not be modified, redistributed, sold, displayed publicly, licensed, rented or transferred in any form to others, nor commercially exploited.

The user obliges to not use the Plataforma Premium Digital Subscription unduly, being responsible and supporting any and all costs associated to illicit action that may be imposed upon him. The following are considered illicit actions: the access or attempted access of other"s accounts; the attack or attempted attack of the system; the sending of unsolicited emails regarding promotions or advertisements of products or services.
The Plataforma Premium Digital Subscription is provided for exclusive and not transferable use, prohibiting the non-authorized copy or distribution.

Plataforma Media may, at any moment, change or cease any detail or functionality of the Digital Subscription, including the contents, the subscription, the prices, the availability hours, the equipment or software needed to access and/or use the service.
Plataforma Media may impose limits regarding certain functionalities of services or restrict the user access to parts or the service as a whole without previous warning nor civil liability.

Plataforma Media provides advertisers and sponsors with a mere advertising platform, without any form of prior check of the content that is put through its platform by its services, therefore rejecting the liability for any mistake, inaccuracy or legal disagreement that the advertising content or sponsorship may behold. The relationship between the user and others through the services of the platform and any terms, conditions or guarantees regarding third parties, namely sponsors and advertisers, are of the sole responsibility of the User and respective third parties.

Plataforma Media reserves the right to monitor the Digital Subscription service to assure the compliance of the forementioned Terms and Conditions. It reserves the right of removing all contents not compliant with the Law.

Plataforma Media reserves the right to, at any moment, change or modify the current Terms and Conditions.

For further information, please sent us an email at subscribe@plataformamedia.com.

This company is adhered to the Center of Arbitration of Conflicts and Consumption of Lisbon (Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos e Consumo de Lisboa - www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt) and to the Center of Information about Consumption and Arbitration of Oporto (Centro de Informação de Consumo e Arbitragem do Porto - www.cicap.pt). In case of dispute, the consumer may resort to one of these Dispute Resolution Entities. Further information available on the Consumer Portal www.consumidor.pt and on the European Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.

1. The present Terms and Conditions, as well as the Plataforma Premium subscription, are subject to the General Privacy Policy of Global Notícias Media Group, S.A., of which Plataforma Media is a part of. A link may be found here (link).
2. Plataforma Media will gather and process the following user data, for the sole purpose of processing the Plataforma Premium Subscription:
• Name;
• Email;
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