The crisis in the “Peace Industry”

It is one of the effects of the Pandemic. Serious and with unpredictable consequences in the medium and long term. Tourism, the “Industry of Peace”, is going through a crisis with direct effects on the GDP of many countries and on the relationships of many people.

Italy authorizes 180 “Ocean Viking” migrants to land in Sicily

The Italian authorities today authorized 180 migrants to land in Sicily on board the humanitarian vessel “Ocean Viking”, managed by the non-governmental organization (NGO) SOS Méditerranée, which announced the decision of the Government of Rome on Twitter. The NGO…

Six months of coronavirus: the worst is yet to come

Six months of pandemic: without a vaccine yet certain, the world may have to live with covid-19 for much longer than expected. The reality is very harsh: “What we are experiencing today is far from over. Although many countries have made progress, globally the pandemic…

Thousands turn out for Gay Pride in Paris

Between 2,000 and 3,000 people turned out Saturday in Paris for a politically engaged Gay Pride march, a week after the officially scheduled event was cancelled because of coronavirus restrictions. A young, multicultural crowd marched behind a lorry bearing a banner…