EU clears way for China investment pact

EU member states gave political backing to Brussels’ planned investment pact with China on Monday, clearing the way for a deal between the world’s biggest economic blocs. At a meeting of ambassadors, the German EU presidency noted that no member had…

Fisheries dispute threatens to sink post-Brexit trade deal

Negotiations for a post-Brexit trade deal were deadlocked and threatened by failure on Sunday, as both sides dug in their heels over access to the UK’s rich fishing waters. The European Parliament had fixed Sunday as the last moment it could accept a text of any…

EU chief urges members to stay united in Brexit talks

EU chief Charles Michel urged members to remain united behind Brussels’ negotiators in post-Brexit trade talks Friday, after France threatened to veto any deal that gives ground to London. Michel congratulated EU negotiator Michel Barnier on keeping member states…

EU chief warns Brexit deal must not hurt single market

In a downbeat assessment of progress in post-Brexit trade talks, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen warned Wednesday that any deal must not undermine the EU single market. “We will do all in our power to reach an agreement, we’re ready to be creative,” she…

EU announces latest vaccine contract with Moderna

The EU said Tuesday it would sign a sixth contract for an upcoming coronavirus vaccine, this time for up to 160 million doses of a jab developed by US firm Moderna. “According to the results of clinical trials, this vaccine could be highly effective against…

Portugal to receive minors from Greece

Portugal will be the next European Union (EU) member state to receive unaccompanied minors from refugee camps on the Greek islands after Luxembourg and Germany, the European Commissioner for Internal Affairs said on Tuesday.