The return

The decision by local authorities and Guangdong province to reopen the borders to the movement of people – although, still following a regime with restrictions – was one of the good news of the week for Macau. It was time for the city to let itself be shared…

A tale of twin cities

Finally the border is re-opened. Starting from July 15, all the passengers entering the Cantonese provinces through the Cantonese-Macau border are now exempted from the 14 quarantine. Even though it is only limited in the 9 cities in Greater bay area, it is a big step…

And are there leaders?

The world public debt will reach a historic peak in 2020, that is, a level to that registered at the end of the Second World War. The IMF says this, but the circumstances are totally different, only the need for political decisions is very similar. The value of public…

Macau can wait

The sanitary siege keeps Macau safe from the pandemic, but it drags the economy into a deep crisis, which nobody really projects. With the GDP drop by 60 percent, the Chief Executive expects the recovery to end the year. So many doubts … and a certainty. Macau is in no…

Certain death

“The lives of thousands of people have stopped. They need everything, but above all they need it and with an urgent need for peace ”. This appeal came, calmly, to Plataforma’s newsroom through the voice of Abdul Rashid Ismail, leader of the Islamic Community of…

The clock doesn't stop!

The clock does not stop. Tik tok, tik tok. Chinese company Bytedance, led by a US citizen and owner of a video app, born in the east, this week asked U.S. companies Google and Apple to withdraw the app from platforms in Hong Kong, after Beijing deliberately enforced national…

The world is too somber?

The second half of 2020 has begun. The pandemic of Covid-19 keeps continues. Natural disasters, human disasters and conflicts are everywhere. Bad news appear everywhere. In Macau, the Sin Fong Garden owners was cheated by Associação de Conterrâneos de Kong Mun. They…

The crisis in the “Peace Industry”

It is one of the effects of the Pandemic. Serious and with unpredictable consequences in the medium and long term. Tourism, the “Industry of Peace”, is going through a crisis with direct effects on the GDP of many countries and on the relationships of many people.

War in Hong Kong, Macau living on the moon

There is a war in Hong Kong, with no trenches. There are prisoners and depressed on the barricade of autonomy and the Western agenda; and loss of face in China, in the management of the Second System and the rightful place in the global power club. “Those who go to war…

Normal times

“In ‘normal’ times, we find in the noisy and congested arteries of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, dozens of safari-colored robes, tourists in shorts and caps, on their way to discover the famous ‘Big Five’, the most dangerous animals of the…