Trump pulls trigger on 2024 White House run

A combative Donald Trump launched into the 2024 White House race on Tuesday, setting the stage for a bruising Republican nomination battle after a poor midterm election showing by his hand-picked candidates weakened his grip on the party.

Manual for the destruction of Macau football

It is well known and in the public domain that sport in general and football in particular have been deteriorating in Macau in recent years. Proof of this is the increasingly low attendance at the various football matches in Macau. In the organization of local…

How to create more job opportunities for the local population

According to information shared by the Directorate of Statistics and Census Services (DSEC), the local unemployment rate has recently risen to 5.5 percent. The rate of underemployed population also rose by 3.1 percent, to a total of 16.5 percent, record values ​​since…

Employ autistic citizens, encouraging them to be independent

The most recent data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that one in 54 children is autistic. It is estimated that the total number of people with autism disorder is around 70 million worldwide. In Macau there are more than 400, that is, 400…

Stimulation of the local bond market

With Macau’s strategic planning in the development of the Greater Bay Area, the exploitation of modern financial services has become one of Macau’s main lines of economic diversification. After the first issuance in 2019, the Central Government will issue…

Precautions during high temperatures to avoid heat stroke

Heat stroke is a condition consisting of disturbances in the temperature regulating function of the human body due to high temperatures, resulting in an excessive accumulation of heat. The disease can cause neurological damage and even death, with a higher incidence during…

Save on Light Rail costs for the good of the population

In the current economic downturn, many residents are concerned about the expensive and ineffective construction of the Light Rail. The truth is that the epidemic continues to leave its impact on the coffers of the Macau Special Administrative Region, at a time when society…