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China steps up restoration work in flood-hit northern regions

As flooding recedes in northern China's Hebei Province and capital Beijing, disaster relief efforts in affected regions are transitioning from emergency rescue and evacuation to recovery, with the aim of restoring normality to people's lives. people as soon as possible

In Zhuozhou City, one of the worst-affected areas in Hebei, previously relocated residents have started to return home, local authorities said on Sunday.

Residents, volunteers and rescue personnel are actively involved in dredging, disinfection and drainage works to recover damages in affected communities.

As of Monday morning, electricity has been restored to 93 residential communities in Zhuozhou, with more than 90% of major urban districts having their electricity supply restored, according to the State Grid Zhuozhou Electric Power Supply Company.

A total of 1,470 road sections in the province that were previously cut off by the floods were reopened by 6 pm on Sunday, which was achieved through the installation of emergency bridges and the opening of temporary roads, ensuring the continuous transport of personnel and relief supplies. , said the Hebei Provincial Transport Department.

The department has stepped up inspections on road sections that remain partially accessible, promptly removing debris from slopes, dealing with road collapses and mitigating potential hazards.

To minimize agricultural losses, the province is carrying out a detailed survey and assessment of the extent of damage caused to crops, livestock and aquaculture in the flood-affected areas, according to the Hebei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Zhao Xiaoming, in charge of a family farm in Hebei’s Anping District, said he was finally able to relax when he saw the water level in the fields dropping significantly. “The government provided us with water pumping equipment, which helped save our crops for this year.”

More than 460 water pumps have been deployed to affected agricultural land in Anping for drainage operations. A team of experts provided on-site guidance for disease and pest control and grain replanting.

In Handan City, an animal disinfection team carried out the task of collecting dead chickens from a poultry farm. Their carcasses were then carefully transported to a dedicated facility where they undergo safe and professional disposal.

In the Chinese capital, Beijing, more than 440 kilometers of rural roads in the nine villages of the suburban district of Mentougou, which was heavily hit by rain early last week, were reopened by 10 pm on Sunday, according to the district government.

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