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CCAC detected a case of falsified invoices

The same worker is also suspected of having sold, privately, parts of air conditioners, which had been previously slaughtered, thus obtaining undue advantages.

The CCAC carried out the respective investigation after receiving several complaints filed against the said worker, having verified that that ID worker, when purchasing materials for his Service, violated internal rules several times by having acquired the respective materials on a platform mainland China online shopping. In addition, the said worker is suspected of having presented, to his Service, several forged invoices with false content and value in order to obtain the respective reimbursement, thus fraudulently obtaining a total of more than 4,000 patacas. That worker is suspected of committing the crimes of document forgery and fraud provided for in the Penal Code, and the case has been forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for due effects.

In addition, following the investigation, the CCAC also discovered that the same worker is also suspected of not having complied with superior instructions regarding the disposal of the downsized air conditioners, having transported the parts of the respective air conditioners to a hardware store with the aim of proceeding with its sale, thus obtaining a profit of more than 7,000 patacas. That worker also did not report the said sale to his superior, being considered suspected of having violated the duties of impartiality and obedience provided for in the Macao Public Administration Workers Statute. The CCAC reported the case to the ID for follow-up purposes.

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