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Venezuela “strongly” rejects US law banning business with companies that support Maduro

The Venezuelan government “vehemently” condemned the new law passed on Friday by the United States Congress, which prohibits federal agencies from doing business with companies that support the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

“The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela vehemently rejects the approval by the United States Congress of a disastrous bill that, both in name and content, constitutes a violation of economic freedoms and a serious offense against the Venezuelan people,” he said. Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

The Ministry is thus referring to the Law Prohibiting Operations and Leases with the Illegitimate Authoritarian Regime of Venezuela, Bolívar, which provides for sanctions for companies that maintain commercial relations with Venezuela.

“This instrument, contrary to international law and conceived from extremist sectors of US policy, violates the integrity of the sovereign people of Venezuela and the state companies themselves, putting them at risk of being penalized, in an arbitrary, unfair and illegally, exercising its right to free trade through contracts with the Bolivarian Government,” argued Caracas.

In addition, Venezuela considers that this is an “abusive” rule, which “demonstrates, once again, the cruelty of ultraconservative sectors and coup plotters in state politics”, in an attempt to “overthrow the Venezuelan government and eliminate any possible route to dialogue and constructive relations between the two countries”.

The name of the norm “offends the Venezuelan people, its history and its Liberator, whose republican values and commitment to the principles of freedom and peace are far above those of a handful of legislators ignorant of his glory, and who will only be remembered for history for its complicity with the aggression against free and sovereign countries”, adds the note.

“The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will continue to cultivate and defend the legacy of Liberator Simón Bolívar, charting its own path of political and social stability, economic recovery and peace diplomacy, for a world free of hegemonism, colonialism and imperialism”, concludes the text.

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