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Light at the end of the tunnel

After all, as was obvious and necessary, Xi Jinping and Joe Biden speak the same language: the dollar.

Russia backs down on Ukraine; Washington and Beijing announce bilateral agreements – sustainability and the climate agenda – and transparently assume the divergent points; Taiwan is as it has always been…

In another context, mass tests cancelled across China, secondary proximity codes abolished – among 20 measures of zero Covid relaxation…

In Macau, agreements closed for the new gaming cycle; a speech of ambition from the Chief Executive; and, behind the scenes, common sense will eventually dictate three days of code yellow instead of red – after five quarantine days… Nothing is on track yet, nor can anything be solved in a day.

But those in charge already know that everything has to change. By believing in the sense of what makes sense; one alleviates the drama, when the horizon announces less anguish tomorrow.

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Neither China nor the United States can reverse the frustrating economic environment – which puts both regimes at risk – unless they find the minimum consensus in the coexistence of two unavoidable economic empires on a global scale.

The human rights narrative is part of political legitimacy in the West – and rightly so. But this was certainly not the conversation between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. It is also true that democracy is far from what truly divides them over Taiwan.

What is imperative is that they both realize the unbearable consequences of exacerbated nationalism and the failure of multilateralism. Both showed in Bali that they are aware of this, as they should be, and in the only tone – moderate – that suits us all.

Welcome to the world that the world needs.

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Macau, more for the bad than for the good, is a mere follower of the winds blowing from the north. It lacks initiative, negotiating will, its own ideas for our own destiny. Maybe one day the local political elites will realize the problem.

But it won’t be so soon… Now, we can only look at China and see, with eyes to see, what serves us.

When the wave is good you have to know how to surf… because the beach is on the other side.

*General Director of PLATAFORMA

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