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Macau lost nearly 3,700 foreign workers in August

The number of foreign workers without resident status in Macau decreased by almost 3,700 in August, the month after the worst outbreak of covid-19 in the Chinese region since the beginning of the pandemic.

According to data from the Public Security Police, at the end of August Macau had just over 154,000 foreign workers without resident status, with more than half (almost 106,300) coming from mainland China.

Statistics, released today by the Directorate of Labor Affairs Services, reveal that non-resident workers in China were also the most affected (2,100 less) by the decrease felt in August, followed by Vietnam (500 less).

The hotel and restaurant sector was the hardest hit by the fall, having lost more than 1,100 employees without resident status in August.

Macau faced, as of June 18, the worst outbreak of covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, with more than 1,500 cases and six deaths, leading the territory to decree a partial confinement, closing practically all commercial establishments.

During the outbreak, tourists coming to Macau would have to undergo mandatory quarantine on their return to mainland China, a measure that was lifted on August 3.

Since the beginning of June, the Chinese special administrative region has seen the number of non-resident workers decrease by more than 11,200.

Since Macau closed its borders to foreigners without resident status in March 2020, it has lost almost 19% of its non-resident workforce, with almost 35,500 people losing their jobs, a situation that legally forces them to leave the country. City.

In April of this year, the territory had lifted border restrictions on Filipino workers, university students and foreign teaching professionals, such as Portuguese teachers. The exemption was later extended to workers from Indonesia.

At the beginning of September, Macau started to allow the entry of all non-resident workers, as well as travelers from 41 countries, including Brazil, and family members of residents.

Despite the decrease in the number of foreigners without resident status, the unemployment rate in Macau reached 4.3% between June and August, the highest value since 2004.

At the end of September, the head of the government of the territory, Ho Iat Seng, announced that China will again allow organized tours and issue electronic visas for visits to Macau, until November, to “promote the recovery of economic dynamism” in the city.

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