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Angola’s Basic Civil Service Law strengthens civil servant rights

The Secretary of State for Public Administration said that the Basic Law of the Civil Service will strengthen the rights and guarantees of civil servants, introducing the figure of the work contract as an exception regime to be used only in extraordinary situations to meet temporary or specific needs.

Vânio Americano pointed out that the diploma recognizes that the civil servant who temporarily carries out functions in a post or position different from the one in which he or she has been assigned has the right to opt for the remuneration status due at the origin.

The Basic Law under analysis, he said, reintroduces nomination as the rule for entry into the Civil Service, reduces the probationary period from five to one year, as well as prohibits probationary appointment by way of contract. The Secretary of State for Public Administration, Vânio Americano, who explained the situation to the deputies during Monday’s session, stressed that the Civil Service is governed, among others, by the principles of public interest, equality, legality, justice, proportionality, impartiality, accountability and administrative probity.

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The diploma, with 13 chapters and 129 articles, has already received the approval in the specialty of four chapters and 37 articles, it also prohibits the administrative transition of contracted personnel to the definitive framework and eliminates the maximum age of 35 years. Accordingly, it extends the term of expiration of the public employment contract to 24 months, ending, without any formality, the processing of salaries and other financial or patrimonial benefits at the State’s expense.

In the area of the disciplinary regime of the Civil Service, the diploma eliminates the disciplinary penalty of a fine and introduces the disciplinary penalty of a temporary reduction in salary, between one and six months, with the reduction not being allowed to exceed 20% of the base salary, as well as establishes that the value of the discounted salary must be deposited in favor of the employee in the Social Security account.

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