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New death in the gas elite: Russian found shot in swimming pool

Yury Voronov was found dead in the swimming pool of the house where he lived, on Monday, on the outskirts of St Petersburg. He had a gunshot wound to his head and a semiautomatic weapon near his body, with several spent cartridges at the bottom of the pool. The Russian Investigation Committee announced that it was investigating the circumstances of the death, pointing, for now, to the murder stemming from a “dispute with business partners”, according to the newspaper “The Independent” and the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN.

At 61, Voronov was the founder and leader of a transport and logistics company, Astra-Shipping, which had contracts with Russian giant Gazprom, the world’s largest natural gas exporter, in the Arctic. He thus becomes another member of the Russian elite and, in particular, another oligarch linked to Gazprom to die in circumstances that have yet to be determined since the beginning of the year. It will be the third death of a gas millionaire in the same upscale suburb of Russia’s second-largest city.

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