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Madrid, armored city. 10,000 agents to protect the OTAN Summit

It’s called Operation Eirene, the Greek goddess of peace, and it’s the name of the security device set up to protect the OTAN Summit in Madrid. More than 10,000 agents – 6,550 from the national police, 2400 from the Guardia Civil and 1200 municipal police – are deployed to protect the 40 delegations led by 40 Heads of State that meet this Wednesday and Thursday in the Spanish capital.

The police officers are joined by the escorts of each entourage, the security of the Casa Real, and the soldiers of the Spanish Air Force, responsible for controlling the airspace these days, which, despite not being closed, will be protected with a special surveillance scheme. which will also prevent the presence of drones.

At the head of the operation is the commissioner José Carlos Castro Estevez who has already led the security operations of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 92 and the royal wedding between Felipe VI and Letizia.

Madrid is today an armored city where car traffic is very difficult. Three of the city’s main arteries – Passeio da Castelhana, Passeio do Prado and Recoletos – are closed to traffic, as are two outer belt lanes, the M-11 and the M-40. The authorities recommend that citizens use public transport, avoid the city center and, whenever possible, telework.

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