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Trump Administration authorized transition to Joe Biden’s administration

Emily Murphy, the administrator of the General Services Administration, formally appointed President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the apparent winner of the presidential election.

From now on, Biden will have access to federal funds and resources to begin a transition. Biden’s advisers were also given permission to begin coordinating work with Trump administration officials. The information is from the New York Times.

The decision came after Republican lawmakers pointed out murphy’s responsibilities for the delay in the peaceful transfer of power.

Emily Murphy addressed Joe Biden’s transition team, saying she was “never pressured directly or indirectly by any executive branch official —including those who work in the White House or the G.S.A.”.

As justification, he said he did not intend to anticipate the constitutional process of counting votes and choosing the president. “I don’t think an agency charged with improving federal public procurement and property management is above the constitutionally based electoral process,” he wrote.

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