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Chinese new-energy vehicles head to Europe

SAIC Motor, China’s largest automaker, exported 1,800 new-energy vehicles under its MG brand to Europe on Tuesday. The company aims to sell 100,000 self-owned brand vehicles in Europe by 2025.

This is the first time the automaker has established a self-owned international route to the European market. Previously, SAIC Motor’s vehicles were exported to Europe with the help of SAIC Anji Logistics’ partners.

The ship taking the vehicles to Europe is the SAIC Anji Phoenix. It has 4,300 parking spaces for cars and will better meet the growing demand for SAIC products and services in the European market.

The ship also loaded some other Chinese branded export vehicles.

In the first nine months, SAIC Motor achieved overall overseas sales of 221,000 vehicles, accounting for a third of total overseas sales of Chinese automakers.

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