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How Brazil is helping China in the race for the vaccine

China chose Brazil as one of the partners in the production of the vaccine. But why?

BandNews TV had exclusive access to the facilities of the Chinese Sinovac / BioNTech laboratory, which is leading the race for a coronavirus vaccine. The pharmaceutical company produces Coronavac, one of four Chinese vaccines, which are already in the last phase of testing against Covid-19.

In an interview, the CEO of Sinovac / BioNTech, Yin Weidong, said that one of the reasons that made the company choose Brazil was the severity with which the country was hit – there are already more than 4.7 million cases, and the number of deaths has already passed the 140 thousand mark.

According to Weidong, it is possible that the tests will be closed in December, and then the vaccine will be distributed to the population.

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