Início » North Korea ‘killed and burned South Korean officer’, accuses Seoul

North Korea ‘killed and burned South Korean officer’, accuses Seoul

South Korea said on Thursday that North Korea had killed one of its officers, who had disappeared on the border between the two countries, and that it incinerated his body, an act described as “brutal”.

The South Korean Defense Ministry believes that the North Korean military’s action was a measure against the spread of the covid-19.
The revelation was made by the South Korean Ministry of Defense in a statement, in which it is said that explanations were demanded from Pyongyang.

The 47-year-old officer had disappeared on Monday when he was aboard a Ministry of Fisheries boat at the time close to the island of Yeonpyeong, about ten kilometers from the western maritime border, the tense and disputed Line of North.

North Korean troops “found the man in its waters and committed a brutal act by shooting him and incinerating his body, according to the exhaustive military analysis we made of various intelligence data,” the ministry notes in the same note. . North Korea “killed and burned a South Korean officer,” says the BBC.

The South Korean vessel was checking for possible unauthorized fishing near the inter-Korean sea border, where there have already been several naval incidents between the two countries and deadly attacks attributed to North Korea.

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