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Suspected Maddie kidnapping investigated for yet another rape in the Algarve

The German justice opened a new investigation against the main suspect of the disappearance, in 2007, in Portugal, of the British Maddie McCann, related to the rape of a young Irish woman in 2004, the attorney of Brunswick announced this Tuesday.

“I can confirm that we also investigated the suspected rape and a young Irish woman in 2004 in the Algarve (the region where Madeleine McCann disappeared),” prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters told AFP.

The victim had filed a complaint shortly after the facts 16 years ago, but discovered in early June, in the media, the photos of the main suspect, the German Christian B., in which he “believes he has recognized the perpetrator,” he added. The inquiry was opened in late June, according to Wolters.

In addition to the Maddie case, Christian B. is also the target of an investigation into the sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl at the time of the facts in the Algarve in April 2007, a few weeks before the British girl’s disappearance.

“He is accused of masturbating in front of the child”, underlined Hans Christian Wolters, saying that this process was opened last year.

The Maddie case experienced a sudden acceleration in early June, with the identification of Christian B., 43, a repeat pedophile already convicted of a rape in Portugal and currently detained in Kiel, in northern Germany, for another case.

He is suspected of the death of a three-year-old girl, who was on vacation with her parents when she disappeared one night from the hotel room where she slept.

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