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When Estoril stole the thunder

Yesterday ICM reprehensive attended the meeting with Legislative Assembly of Macau to introduce the new scheme of Central Library, some legislative members questioned if the mural painting of Estoril  should be preserved as part of the new façade in the library. The director of ICM praise the design team, claiming that it shows that they are real professional to opt for the preservation of the Mural painting and grid structure of the façade.

From my point of view, I am afraid it is not professional for ICM not to set any baseline for the consulting company, nor do any heritage assessment of the building. The fact that the director of ICM mentions that Mural painting and the grid façade is  outstanding features, is that based on a technical review and a proper heritage assessment. It is basic rules for the government to inform the consulting company and their design team about the result of heritage assessment at the beginning.

When it comes into conceptual design, creativity plays great roles, however, ICM, as a public sector to secured the tangible and in tangible cultural value of the city. They are responsible to take a stand in the public project, especially the project has been so controversial. As the co-author of  《Joint Petition to request ICM (Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau) to initate the heritage(Immovable property) evaluation process of hotel Estoril and Piscina Municipal》, I still insist that ICM should at least initiate the review process .

To initiate the review process, does not indicate that it the group building of  Hotel Estoril and Piscina Municipal will be enlisted as heritage , however, it is a virtue, also a critical step to show that Macau, as a heritage city, is trying their best to flight for the heritage for our next generation in the future.   

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