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Documentary “Photographer of War” with photojournalist Jan Grarup available online

Film reveals life story of renowned Danish photojournalist, hit digital platforms this month

The documentary is about Danish war photojournalist Jan Grarup, the four-time winner of the World Press Photo award. It portrays Grarup’s challenges in balancing work and family life at a time when his ex-wife is diagnosed with cancer. From that moment on, Grarup has to take care of his three teenage children, while continuing his work in various conflict zones around the world.

Director Boris B. Bertram – who also directed “Human Shelter”, “Diplomacy” or “Tankograd” – worked with Grarup for five years, accompanying him in several conflict zones. LevelK acquired the worldwide sales rights for the documentary, which now reaches digital platforms after almost a year of being shown at several festivals. The production was in charge of Katrine Sahlstrøm of Good Company Pictures, a company that also produced “Melancholia”, “Ai Weiwei: The Fake Case” and “Home Sweet Home”.

“We live in an era full of ‘fake news’, misinformation and an ever-diminishing amount of resources for international journalism,” said the director at the presentation of the documentary in 2019. “That is why it is important to have a film that highlights photographers from war that risk their lives to document the world’s conflicts. ”

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